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Nouvelle Commission pour Booster la Coopération d’Investissement entre l’Algérie et l’Italie

Multinational Investments in Algeria: Italy Reinforces its Commitment

Algeria continues to attract substantial foreign investments, symbolizing a thriving economic environment facilitated by government policies. Recently, Italy confirmed its dedication by agreeing to establish a joint investment cooperation committee with Algeria. This initiative follows the 2022 memorandum of understanding between the Algerian Investment Promotion Agency (AAPI) and its Italian counterpart, INVITALIA.

Strengthened Bilateral Economic Ties

The Algerian Investment Promotion Agency announced that the Italian Ambassador to Algeria, Alberto Cutillo, reaffirmed the strong interest of major Italian companies in executing large-scale industrial, tourism, and agricultural projects across several Algerian cities. These initiatives will particularly focus on sectors such as hospitality, automobile manufacturing, and the production of durum wheat and seeds.

Inaugural Meeting Between AAPI and INVITALIA

An important milestone in this renewed collaboration is the agreement to hold the first meeting between AAPI’s General Director, Omar Rekhache, and Ambassador Cutillo in the coming days. The primary aim is to devise a joint work program to exchange expertise in promoting investments.

Italy’s Clear Investment Intent

During a meeting at AAPI’s headquarters, the Italian diplomat expressed a clear and broad desire from specialized Italian companies to enter the Algerian market, a sentiment echoed by the agency’s recent registrations of various Italian firms. Notably, the Italian institution "Enrico Mattei" formally requested to invest specifically in the industrial and agricultural sectors, leveraging the significant advantages offered by Algeria’s new investment law.

Key Italian Investors in Algeria

In April, Bonifiche Ferraresi (B.F.), an Italian agricultural company, made a significant move by signing a major investment contract in the Touggourt province, focusing on durum wheat production. Many other Italian economic actors have shown readiness to penetrate the Algerian market, motivated by the substantial facilities provided by the Algerian government to foreign investors. This enthusiasm is further fueled by the successful execution of grand industrial projects by Italian giants like Stellantis, which managed to manufacture Fiat cars in Algeria.

A Broader Perspective on Foreign Investments

Algeria is presently experiencing a surge in foreign investments, marking its position as one of the top seven destinations in Africa, alongside countries like Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Angola, and Libya. Moreover, recent research from the specialized logistics services market research platform "Ti Insight" positions China and India as the leading global destinations for investments.

The evident economic collaboration between Algeria and Italy signifies a promising future, reinforcing Algeria’s standing as a burgeoning hub for international business ventures.

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